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This website is handy for copying verses and sets of verses (just click on each row, they're copied when they are this colour), ready for pasting into discussion threads such as on YouTube discussions. You can also click on the QR codes, to generate the current web address and copy to the clipboard, which will remember additional information such as which comparisons were being used and which main translation to load up by default.

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Finally, I am of no specific denomination, the best I can say is that "I am (a poor example of) a disiple of Yehushua. As filthy rags, I am incapable of saving myself and I acknowledge that faith without works is dead, so I must be continually repentant". I personally feel that all churches have been corrupted in one way or another and many self professed "christians" are lukewarm AT BEST, so I choose to go direct to Yehushua HaMashiach as my Lord and Saviour seeing as I was told directly by him to call no man on Earth "Father". That is why I needed to compare as many different translations as possible and why I believe other people also SHOULD. So if you have any different bible translations in text format that I can easily upload (ETL), please send them to me at and I'll add them to the list as soon as possible. The current list is as follows:
1: AKJ American King James Version
2: ASM American Standard Modernised 2017
3: ASV American Standard Version 1901
4: CEB Common English Bible 2011
5: CJB Complete Jewish Bible 1998
6: DAR Darby Bible Translation
7: DRB Douay-Rheims Bible (CofE)
8: ERV English Revised Version
9: ESV English Standard Version 2001
10: GNB Good News Bible 2018
11: GNT Good News Translation 1976
12: KJV King James Version
13: NIV New International Version 1984
14: NASB New American Standard Bible 1971
15: NKJV New King James Version 1975
16: NLT New Living Translation 1996
17: NWT New World Translation (JW)
18: WBT Webster Bible Translation
19: WNT Weymouth New Testament
20: WEB World English Bible
21: YLT Young's Literal Translation

So if you have any translations that are not in this list and want to have them included for yourself and others', get them sent in!

Love and Peace to all those truly in Adonai Yehushua HaMashiach.

Andrew Foster.

PS: The ASM 2017 (American Standard Modernised) version is a "translation" I generated electronically. When comparing the various translations, I found the ASV 1901 (American Standard Version) to be the best overall (it also has its problems, hence me wanting to compare against other translations easily), but the "thees", "thous" and "thines" made for difficult reading sometimes. So I did a set of search/replaces to "modernise" the ASV 1901 into an ASM 2017. If you find any obvious errors in the ASM 2017, please do let me know ASAP, this activity was NOT an effort to Add or Remove (far from it), it was an effort to make a good translation more readable by a younger generation. MARANATHA!

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